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Production Services


FILMCroatia is a full-scale production company able to assist in production of documentaries, reality series, commercials and other TV programming or photo-shoots at any level of cost or complexity.

Our services include:


  • Pre-production research

  • Story creative development

  • Scheduling, budgeting and management of local crews

  • Acting as the Production Services Company (Croatian Line Producer)

  • Management of work permits

  • Negotiation of deals with local crew, medical teams, locations providers and suppliers

  • Logistics management of accommodation, catering and transportation

  • Securing location permits and release forms 


We do full location scouting, assist with creative development and arrangement of all permits and releases. Check the tiny slice of a wide selection of Croatian locations on WHY CROATIA page.



Our crew are bi-lingual and proven professionals with experience on various film and TV productions. Our crew are non-union with fair and competitive day rates.



We have accounts with major rental houses in Croatia, Germany and Austria assuring that a replacement gear can be shipped to a location within the shortest time. As well, we can achieve discounted rates for most rental gear fitting to a variety of production budgets and requirements.



We do quick turn around and deliver an accurate  budget with up to date rates and prices. We negotiate all local deals to get the best cost effective solutions to fit the given production budget.

We can manage and process payroll for local crew, rentals and all local services.



We work with proven local service providers and will bring the best prices and reduced rates for accommodation, catering, transportation, equipment rentals, medical teams and local labour. Our referenced providers throughout Croatia allow us to plan and quickly confirm all posibilities for production's logistic needs within the budget, allowing Producers to focus on the shoot. 



We work closely with Croatian award winning stock and time-lapse cinematographers to provide a unique B-roll footage on demand.







All we do in Croatia we can arrange and execute in neighbouring Slovenia and Balkan countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.