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Providing logistics and production services to
international production companies filming in Croatia

Our services extend to Slovenia and Balkan countries of Bosnia, Montenegro and Macedonia

We have a proven track record of providing production services and fixers to A-list production companies for worldwide broadcast on major channels 

We are a full-scale production company and have the ability to produce and assist on various productions including feature films, TV novelas, documentary films, reality and other TV series, commercials, music videos and other TV programming at any level of cost or complexity. We can tailor our services to meet the exact production needs.

Everything from the full support of well established production services company to individual bi-lingual fixers, location managers and line producers.

  • Arranging all logistical aspects for accommodation, transport and catering

  • Equipment rentals

  • Facilitating high level contacts and special services

  • Providing rare/original  location related B-roll footage

  • Arrangement of entry visas, work permits and location releases

  • Location Scout

  • Industry experienced Fixers and PA's

  • Providing and coordinating local crew

  • Development and processing of local production budgets

Our services include:

How We Work



Our sole focus is providing production services. Our local knowledge, professionalism and experience of working exclusively with international productions guarantee a comfort, delivery and a standard of work that foreign producers expect.

We are experienced creative minds and able to assist with on the ground research and/or development of a story or every other aspect of production. 


Please find detailed info about our services on the PRODUCTION SERVICES page.

What We Do

HighSeasTV and FILMCroatia

Ivan Cvirn, the founder and owner of Zagreb based Croatian production company Blenda d.o.o. worked with Alen on many productions over the years. In early 2015 Alen and Ivan joined forces and are now partners in facilitating all FILMCroatia clients. Today FILMCroatia has offices in Zagreb and Split in Croatia and in Brant, near Toronto in Canada.


Based in Toronto, Canada, HighSeasTV Inc. is a full production company founded in 1996 by Alen Milic. Born in Croatia and working as a TV Producer and D.P. on 5 continents, Alen experienced often unique and complex demands that TV crews have when filming in foreign countries. With strong ties to production professionals in Croatia, Alen established FILMCroatia.com in 2004, as a link between international Producers and filming on location in Croatia.

we are

Alen Milić

Founder / Location Manager

 Alen has been working as a Producer and D.P. in film and television for over 25 years. Born in Croatia and moved to Los Angeles in 1992, he has wide ranging experience in producing documentary, reality, sports and travel TV programs, reporting from war zones and other ENG work around the globe. Alen has created, produced and filmed numerous TV programs that have been licensed to broadcasters worldwide. Alen's forte is organizing and executing demanding productions in harsh environments. He is involved in numerous projects as a freelance D.P., an Advisor or as a Producer. 

Ivan Cvirn

Line Producer / Coordinating Fixer

Ivan was born in Croatia and has been working as

a cinematographer, D.P. and a Producer for most of his life. In 2002 Ivan established a highly successful production company Blenda d.o.o. that focused on hi-end commercial and documentary productions, many of his own projects and various for international and Croatian clients. Beside Ivan's forte in extreme ENG filming, including underwater, aerial and slow motion, he is a great dedicated organizer and a project facilitating guru.

Andjela Prnjak

FILMCroatia Split Office Manager

Tomo Fuček

Main Fixer

Ana Matić

FILMCroatia Dubrovnik Office Manager

Dubravko Rupčić 

Transportation Coordinator

Andi Nicolis

Main Driver / P.A.

Nikola Ledić

Marine & Rivers L.M.

Vida Ungar

Flora & Fauna Expert / L.M.

Marijan Vrdoljak 

Location Aerials Manager / L.M.

Daniel Lacko

Wilderness Guide / L.M.

Danijela Bucić

Mountains Guide / P.A.

Samir Okić

Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina L.M.

Mare Pamuković